Underwire Bra

Any bra with a style that incorporates a plastic or semi-circular metal wire built at the bottom of the cup falls under the category of underwire bras. The best feature that the underwire bras offer is shaping of breasts and the provision of more separation and support. They round off the shape of your bust and contour unnecessary bulges. Although most women will find underwire as uncomfortable, what they do not realize is that they are wearing the wrong size, which causes pain. If your breasts fall below the bustline, underwire bras are the recommended choice. They will raise the breasts and keep them anchored to the chest, giving more room to the tummy.

The popular styles of underwire bras include demi, plunge, full support bras as well as the mastectomy and nursing bras. They can get classy, romantic and sexy as you want, but it entirely depends on the style that you choose. They are available in all sizes and a variety of fabrics like cotton, polyester, satin, among others. Underwire bras are often designed for women with large bust sizes. Having a successful experience with an underwire bra only depends on the quality of the style you choose.