T-shirt Bras

T-shirt bras, also known as seamless or contoured bras, have a beautiful design that works well in concealing your breasts without having to make your inner secrets too visible. They are built with light pads and polyfill with others featuring sleek foams ideal for amazing shapes and nipple coverage. The mold protection and the underwire that some types have, add rigidity to your breasts, and depending on your bust, you can easily achieve a minimized look. The contoured and seamless cups are available in plunge, strapless and full support styles. They are the best choice to get if you want to achieve a more rounded look and be natural as possible.

T-Shirt Bra – Self

These types of bras are not only worn with T-shirts; they can be worn with almost any garment in your wardrobes like casual clothes you wear over the weekend or everything else in between. Women living in fear of their nipples, pop outs or double boobs can get the full coverage they need with a T-shirt bra. As is the norm, getting a perfect one that fits will bring a more comforting experience.