Sports Bra

Any woman engaged in a physical activity needs a sports bra; otherwise, unnecessary pain will abound. Although the choice of these bra types depends on the intensity of the workout, most of them have the required strength, especially if your bust size is big. Sports bras often have thick straps built in cups and are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. Much like racerback bras, they are purposely ideal for proper support. Some are softly padded with firm cups and no underwire for better comfort. The bras are much more tight fitting and strong unlike most bras, and because they are meant to prevent movement of boobs during an exercise, they fully cover the breasts to minimize chances of embarrassments.

Sports Bra – Under Armour

Sports bras have wide straps, and their cups are broad. They come in many types with some meant for jogging, bearing a design that prevents bouncing of breasts. There are also sports bras designed for yoga, which is stretchy and highly comfortable. The design principle of sports bras involves compression and encapsulation. The compression types have wide straps, clasps and sometimes underwire. The encapsulation types may incorporate the compression technique for the best stability. High-end quality bras feature a technology that helps draw the sweat away. They can be worn without any other garments.