Racerback Bra

Racerback bras are characterized by straps that hover, not on the arm like regular bras, but around the collarbone. The bras, however, should not be confused with T-shirts, tops, tanks, and dresses with racerback necklines. The straps holding these bras in place cross each other at the back in a V pattern. Although most of the racerback bras do not offer an easy option of standard fastening, some types are fastened from the front, but most are elasticized to go over the head like camisoles. Other types feature a hook at the back that allows you to attach straps and give them a racerback technique. The idea is to make sure that despite many shoulder movements, the bra will always stay put.

Racerback Bra – Maidenform

Racerback bras are most popular in sports. Some are padded to give firm and rounded shapes, and they are often the most preferred types by those doing intensive workouts. Nonetheless, they work best with strapless dresses and tops, tanks, sheer shirts, and in some cases where other types of bra straps are overly exposed unnecessarily. There are racerback bras for women of every size and shape and especially those with narrow and dropping shoulders. They are available in cotton and nylon spandex.