Push-up Bra

The push-up brasseries are sometimes the most versatile of all. They are a popular choice for those looking to lift their twins up high. The bra doesn’t only lift the breasts up, giving you sensual lifts, but it inches your breasts closer to give you the best cleavage ever. The bra has a design cut akin to the demi bra. It is padded on the sides, to push breasts together, or at the bottom, to push them up, with foam, rubber and sometimes gel-filled pads, and will only cover about only half the size of your breasts. The bras can be used with low necklines.

Push-up bras have straps that are further apart, and although they are never meant to look subtle, they put a sense of class and sophistication. Women with smaller breasts know its real power the same way those whose breasts are asymmetrical prefer them. Some come with removable padding on one side to equally distribute the flesh for a great look. Apart from helping those whose breasts are not of the same size, they are also meant for those who have had lumpectomies.