Plunge Bra

The best bra type to wear with low-cut shirts, V-neck sweaters, and low-buttoned blouses is the plunge bra. These three types of garments bring out the best in plunge bras. Featuring a push-up technique purposely designed for suggesting firmness and the deepening of a cleavage, the brasserie perfectly disappears under necklines, for it has a low cut in its core center. Plunge bras paint an illusion that a wearer is nude. The cups join low to make sure that even clothes with exaggerated V-necks or wide cuts do not reveal them. The amount of depth, however, varies and most will not go as low as the navel.

Neimann Marcus Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are made from almost entirely synthetic fabrics, which offer prolonged elasticity as well as firmness, and they include elastane, nylon, spandex, and polyester. Some high-quality plunge bras have padded cups lined with cotton. Others, on the other hand, come with satin trim, tulle, silk and lace. Plunge brassieres come in various forms. Some are strapless while others have conventional, halter or crisscross shoulder straps. Popular types of this kind of bra include the U-plunge bras, underwired plunge bras, deep plunge bras and the balcony plunge bras.