Melissa Rauch Bra Size and Body Measurements

Melissa Rauch was born on June 23, 1980. She developed an interest in acting at a young age, particularly in high school. Her passion for the arts grew stronger that she finally decided to venture into professional acting. After completing her degree in theater, she worked even harder to continue her performing career.

She waited tables while handing out fliers in the streets urging people to watch her perform on stage. From the stage, she transitioned to acting on the screen. After several attempts, she finally landed her first movie role in 2006’s Delirious. After this, she had her first television gig in 12 Miles of Bad Road.

Television Success

After landing the part of Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory, Melissa became a household name on television. The actress said the role was supposed to be a guest stint only but when the writers decided to get her character engaged to Howard Wolowitz, she became a recurring character and then promoted to a series regular from season 4 until the final season 12. It was indeed a lucky break for her!

Not only did she become a popular actress, she was also recognized for her talent with a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Other notable performances on the small screen include her role as Summer in True Blood. She also performs as a voice actress.

Melissa’s newfound popularity sure helped her bag more roles on the big screen so that she played supporting to starring parts in such movies as Are You Here, Flock of Dudes, Ode to Joy, and The Laundromat. Venturing into screenwriting, the comedic actress wrote and starred as the lead in the independent film The Bronze.

Bra Size and Measurements

Melissa is a petite actress, standing at 5 feet or 152 centimeters. Her weight is 126 pounds or 57 kilograms. The blue-eyed actress body measurements are 36-27-35. For her short stature, she has quite the curves, and with a bra size of 34C, the actress easily attracts attention with a voluptuous bust.

Because of her notable cup size, she has been rumored to have undergone a breast reduction surgery. However, there is no official news about this nor has the actress talked about her body or plastic surgery in any of her high- profile interviews.

She did admit to being self-conscious about her breasts, though probably it doesn’t bother her enough to actually go under the knife. Getting more candid about things breasts-related, she shared how she needed to Ace-bandage her breasts in order to play a gymnast in the movie The Bronze.

Ironically, that experience made her realize that instead of being too conscious because she has larger-than-usual bra size, she should just appreciate them instead. Well, in that case, there may be no need for a breast reduction procedure.

Since Melissa spent almost a decade in The Big Bang Theory, fans noticed her amazing transformation. Now in her 40s, she maintains her toned figure with a healthy lifestyle that combines a clean diet and regular exercise.

What is Melissa Rauch’s Net Worth?

Working on film and television, Melissa has accumulated a net worth of $20 million. She may not have a long list of cinematic projects under her belt but her decade-long stint as a main character in one of most popular shows on the planet sure scored her millions. By the final season, it was reported that she was earning around $425,000 per episode.

From performing on unheard stage plays to trying hand modeling for a TGI Friday’s commercial, which she also didn’t get, Melissa has truly come a long way. Her younger self would even freak out at the fact that her future self got a supporting role in the film The Laundromat, which gave her the opportunity to perform alongside one of her biggest idols, Meryl Streep.