Longline Bras

Longline brassieres are characterized by bands that extend down the torso and possibly lower for full coverage. They are the best choice for women looking to evenly distribute the breasts to significantly reduce the stress on the shoulders as well as the back. Longline bras make one look better and classy with some clothes. They feature a focused support for your tummy and the lower back. The choice of a longline bra depends on how comfortable you are in one. Although they are still considered vintage, they are comfortable and have no extra padding like most bras will.

Longline Bra

Longline bras are designed with stretchy and highly flexible materials and underwire. They provide a full coverage for the women who are conscious about how guarded their secrets are. They have no straps and have built in types of cups that also provide separation. The base is wide and relatively long, and the bands sometimes run low into the ribcage. They are nowadays popular with designer lingerie. The bras are the best in layering every day’s formal or evening outfits. The short-waisted women or those with tomato or pear-shaped bodies should try other types of bras. Typically, the best-suited breasts are medium to heavy ones.