Jenna Fischer Bra Size and Body Measurements

At age six, Jenna Fischer was already performing by acting in workshops taught by her mother. Her exposure to drama ultimately influenced her in her later life to make a career out of it. A highlight in her stage performance attracted the attention of a talent agent, but even after that she struggled to break into film and television. Her first screen acting job was in a sex education video for psychiatric patients.

Career Take-Off

The many auditions she had attended eventually landed her brief roles in some television shows. As she slowly gained her momentum in the acting industry, she decided to venture into filmmaking with 2004’s LolliLove. A mockumentary she starred in, wrote, and directed, this earned her a Screen Actors Guild for Emerging Actor Award.

Little did she know that by 2005 her break as an actress would come as Pam Beesly on what would become one of NBC’s greatest TV hits, The Office. While struggling to find acting roles, Jenna worked as a receptionist and an administrative assistant in some offices, giving her the confidence that she was perfect for the role. And she couldn’t be more right that she even got an Emmy nomination for her performance as Pam.

The massive success of the show helped her secure more opportunities on the big screen. While starring in The Office, Jenna simultaneously starred in the comedy films The Brothers Solomon, Hall Pass, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and The Promotion.

Bra Size and Body Measurements

Jenna’s height is 5’6 or 168 centimeters and her weight is around 123 pounds or 56 kilograms. In The Office, her character Pam was the hot receptionist in Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin. It was probably even her that inspired the paper company’s former IT guy to use “big boobz” as the password to the paper company’s server.

Not the best joke nor the best password, but it’s The Office. They sure knew how to come up with weird combinations of offensive and cringey humor. And with body measurements of 35-26-35 inches and a 32C bra size, Jenna in real life easily attracts attention. Her green eyes and beaming smile are sure to turn heads as well.

Because of her ample breast size, some commenters would sometimes delve into the possibility of the actress having had plastic surgery. In an interview, however, Jenna implied that she is not interested in any forms of cosmetic enhancements, especially invasive ones. She digs natural beauty and is actually curious of how she’ll look when she’s older. Simply put, she wants to look like how she’s “meant to look”.

When it comes to maintaining her amazing body, the actress sticks to a healthy lifestyle. Even when she gained baby weight, the actress didn’t resort to intense workouts or any fad diets for some quick weight loss. She said it took her 10 months to get back to her fit, and active self because she believed in doing it right, which is slowly and moderately.

What is Jenna Fischer’s Net Worth?

While Pam Beesly noted in one episode of Season 7 that she was making $41 thousand a year working at Dunder Mifflin, the actress who plays her is worth $16 million in real life. She has accumulated her millions from playing said character for about nine years.

While a regular cast there, she also starred in some major Hollywood productions and landed more endorsements, further increasing her earnings. Venturing into writing and publishing, she also wrote a book titled The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide.

Jenna Fischer is such a talented actress and a real sight for sore eyes on the screen. She’s also heavily involved in animal rescue so we know she’s compassionate and good-natured. She doesn’t even embrace her celebrity status that much, which makes her even more awesome. We hope we see more of her in the years (or months!) to come.