Full Coverage Bra

Busty or full figured women who think they can sacrifice the amazing look of wearing a sexy lingerie couldn’t be more mistaken. Full coverage bras are just the type to provide the support and comfort for all full-bodied women. These bras feature a strong underwire and are designed with more fabric, which is stretchy, comfortable and able to fully hug every inch of the body and keep your breasts entirely concealed and shaped. Full support bras are more traditional, which is why heavy-breasted women, mostly the older one prefer it them the most.

Full Coverage Bra – Vanity Fair

Full coverage bras feature straps that have been aligned with the middle of the cup for even support of the breasts, and make sure that they will not fall off or keep you busy adjusting or repositioning throughout the day; they always stay put. Because full support bras do not cause line visibility or indentation, they make the best designs that work well with form-fitting garments in your professional work wardrobe, t-shirts, bedroom wear among others. These types of bras are also prevalent in sports and are often considered the most comfortable of all bras. They are, however, not ideal for women with small breasts or those looking to have visible cleavages.