Demi Bra

The demi bras are perhaps the most sensual of all the bra types. They cover about half your breasts and are designed to lift the front and center part to give you the effect of an added cleavage. Unlike the plunge bra, which only dips between the cups, the demi bra has low cuts across the whole cup and from far, they appear like push-ups. It is not heavily lined or padded to give you a perfect and the most natural look. Demi bras are ideal for scoop necklines, wide or square garments. They also fit the low cut blouses although they will not guarantee the best support.

Demi Bra – L’agent Provocateur

Demi bras are designed with a single vertical seam on each cup, and they feature shallow and shorter underwire to provide more comfort for the diminutive-sized breasts. They are the most popular styles of designer lingerie as they augur well with lace details. The straps are thin and are the popular choice for women with small busts because they partially cover the breasts, which is why if you are well endowed, this type of bra is not for you. It will leave you with breasts that spill over, making you look double-breasted.

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