Convertible Bra

Convertible bra types are versatile, and they can be used in a variety of ways, considering how the straps can be rearranged. Buying one will serve you differently as a halter, a strapless, a racerback or even a demi brasserie. They come with sets of straps that can be attached to different hooks either at the front or the back. Most are detachable on one end for you to configure the rest for yourself and according to the outfit you are wearing that day. These straps are a disadvantage for women with large busts who need the best support. Although the bra types will have padding, laces, and or underwire, the straps will not provide the firm support the large breasts need.

Convertible bras can be taken on journeys and still work like magic. They are all-rounded with the best of them brought about by backless tops, one shoulder garments as well as the dresses. If one is looking to press the twins up and together for a sexy cleavage, simply hold them or provide full support and coverage, there are types of convertible bras meant for that purpose. The support and strength, however, is dependent on the strap configuration you make, and caution must be taken when choosing the right fit. You can bring along a form-fitting outfit to try it with.