Category: Bra Types

Bandeau Bra

These types of bras have the same working technique as the tube tops. They have no hooks for fastening like the regular bras and are slipped on through the head, which is probably another reason why other young women find them comfortable. The support of the bandeau bras is purely achieved by the shoulders and

Underwire Bra

Any bra with a style that incorporates a plastic or semi-circular metal wire built at the bottom of the cup falls under the category of underwire bras. The best feature that the underwire bras offer is shaping of breasts and the provision of more separation and support. They round off the shape of your bust

Full Coverage Bra

Busty or full figured women who think they can sacrifice the amazing look of wearing a sexy lingerie couldn’t be more mistaken. Full coverage bras are just the type to provide the support and comfort for all full-bodied women. These bras feature a strong underwire and are designed with more fabric, which is stretchy, comfortable

Balconette Bra

Women who desire the demi-like effect without much of an enhancement of the cleavage should consider the balconette bras. These bras will allow the wearer to choose a wide variety of low necklines and at the same conceal the bra. Balconette bras do not push the breasts together much, but they provide the desired lift,

Adhesive Bra

These types of bras are called adhesive bras because they adhere to the breasts. They feature no sort of bands and have no straps. However, they provide negligible support to the breasts and are worn best with backless dresses, tops or sheer dresses. Adhesive bras are mostly divided into two categories. The first one features

Push-up Bra

The push-up brasseries are sometimes the most versatile of all. They are a popular choice for those looking to lift their twins up high. The bra doesn’t only lift the breasts up, giving you sensual lifts, but it inches your breasts closer to give you the best cleavage ever. The bra has a design cut

Plunge Bra

The best bra type to wear with low-cut shirts, V-neck sweaters, and low-buttoned blouses is the plunge bra. These three types of garments bring out the best in plunge bras. Featuring a push-up technique purposely designed for suggesting firmness and the deepening of a cleavage, the brasserie perfectly disappears under necklines, for it has a