Bandeau Bra

These types of bras have the same working technique as the tube tops. They have no hooks for fastening like the regular bras and are slipped on through the head, which is probably another reason why other young women find them comfortable. The support of the bandeau bras is purely achieved by the shoulders and the breasts. They are simple, and they wrap around the breasts with little support or shaping, making them unsuitable for those blessed with great busts. Thus, they are also the favorite bras for those who’ve just started to wear a bra or those with small breasts.

Bandeau Bra – Neiman Marcus

Most of the bandeau bras are made of fabrics that are stretchable like laces, cotton or satin, and they have no cups or straps. However, some models come with detachable straps that you can wear with, or without. One can also get an advanced variation of these types of bras that have underwire or pads for more lifts. Although it won’t look like a classic bandeau bra with just a strip of stretchy material, it still will be considered one. Bandeau bras without padding or wires are more tailored towards a casual wear and can be worn at night as they are extra comfortable.