Balconette Bra

Women who desire the demi-like effect without much of an enhancement of the cleavage should consider the balconette bras. These bras will allow the wearer to choose a wide variety of low necklines and at the same conceal the bra. Balconette bras do not push the breasts together much, but they provide the desired lift, and although they also appear like full coverage bras, they only have about half to three-quarters of breast coverage. Therefore, they only reveal the top part of your breasts. Unlike the demi bra, which is padded either on the sides or at the bottom, balconette bras only feature a bottom band that pushes the breasts upwards.

Balconette Bra – Calvin Klein

The balconette bra has straps that are set farther apart to appear wider than normal, and the cups are short. The underwire is also short. It makes the typical supportive choice for women with medium sized breasts, and because there is no one size fits all, those with fuller busts on top, balconette bras with a stretch of lace would be the ideal choice since they will fit the best. Apart from low necklines, balconette bras work well with the boat or scoop neck tops. They bring back that youthful bust line that you nostalgically remember.