Adhesive Bra

These types of bras are called adhesive bras because they adhere to the breasts. They feature no sort of bands and have no straps. However, they provide negligible support to the breasts and are worn best with backless dresses, tops or sheer dresses. Adhesive bras are mostly divided into two categories. The first one features disposable paper types that utilize strong adhesives while the second group includes silicone adhesives, which are washable. The two types of adhesives are medical grade and have been built to provide the desired lift to your bust, although, silicone models are much more comfortable and they provide a natural cleavage.

Adhesive Bra – Le Lusion

Adhesive bras are made of two cups that are directly stuck to the breasts and are usually positioned vertically instead of horizontally. They are the best choice for women who want to bring their breasts together and or lift them up. They are also best suited for women with light-weight or smaller breasts. The brasseries can be quite irritating and uncomfortable if worn during summer and especially for women in tropical climates. Similarly, they are not what you should get if you sweat a lot. Most of the adhesive bras have a clasp that fastens the two cups together to make them look more of a typical bra.